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Taking current situations in Nepali film industry in consideration, Anmol KC is the most popular actor in Nepal, either it be controversially or considering the pay per film. He has huge fan base in Nepal. Taking his father’s image in Nepali movie industry, Anmol KC had a pleasant and quite easy startup in the Nepalese film industry. In this articles, we will mostly discuss about following things.

Anmol KC Girlfriend

Anmol KC height

Anmol KC weight

Anmol KC date of birth

Anmol KC facts

Anmol KC was born on Kathmandu to famous Nepalese film industry leading actor Bhuwan KC. He was born on 30 March 1995 to Bhuwan KC and his mother Sushmita KC. Although Bhuwan and Sushmita separated while he was very young, he has maintained a pleasent relationship with his mother despite he lived with his father after the parents separated officially.

Anmol KC

Anmol KC Height

Anmol KC is tall and handsome, this is what most of his followers believe. Mostly he has huge number of girl followers those are attracted to him and one of his killer assets is his height. Anmol KC height is assumed to be around  6ft.

He is above the height of what Nepalese actors usually are. The average height of Nepalese boys is no more than 5 feet and 6 inches. Taking his height into consideration, it is way more than what a normal Nepalese boy is.

Anmol KC height: 6 feet

Anmol KC Weight

Anmol KC’s weight is assumed to be around 68 kg. He looks quite skinny as compared to his height. Many people suggest that Anmol should put on his weight because man of his height looks quite thin on his weight. As an actor, he should work out to put on some weight and body muscles.

Anmol KC Weight : 68 kg

Anmol KC Girlfriend

Anmol KC girlfriend

There are different rumors about Anmol KC girlfriend. Since he is a celebrity with huge followers in Nepal, rumors increase along with his popularity. There are many rumors that Anna Sharma is his girlfriend. However, Anna Sharma has innocently said in an interview that all the rumors are not true. While Anmol KC and Anna Sharma are very good friends, people are just making up rumors and media is circulating false claims in order for false publicity.

Anna Sharma’s first movie in Nepali film industry was with Anmol KC in the movie Jerry. The couple looked perfect on screen which tempted to make false rumors about their relationship. While both Anmol KC and Anna Sharma had denied about the rumors, people usually see themselves as a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

This is one of the information people usually search on the internet about a Nepalese celebrity. Although Anmol KC girlfriend is one of the popular searched keyword from Nepal, the perfect information about Anmol KC girlfriend has not been publicly revealed. Even if he has a girlfriend, he has not revealed it perfectly.

Anmol KC Date of Birth

Anmol KC was born on 30 March, 1995 in Kathmandu. He is the son of famous Nepali actor Bhuwan KC and Sushmita KC. His parents were living separately while he was very small. Although he lived with Bhuwan KC, he has maintained good relationship with his mother Sushmita.

Anmol KC Facts

Anmol KC was born on 30 March 1995 in Kathmandu.

He made his film debut in Hostel movie in 2013 while he was just 18 years old. People were very desperate to see Bhuwan KC’s son in action in theater. Although people had a mixed reaction about his performance, he is able to pull up viewers in the theaters which makes him the highest paid actor in the history of Nepali cinema.

Anmol KC who started his career in the Nepalese movie hostel quickly was able to attract audiences. It is believed that he will be paid Nrs 22 lakhs for his upcoming movie KRI, which makes him the highest paid actor in the history of Nepalese film industry. He broke his own record or earning around 1 million Nepalese rupees on his previous movie Gajalu.

A YouTube channel show, Nepal reacts, collected general audience’s take on Anmol KC. It was a mixed reaction along with critics that said he should learn acting. Some people reacted that he has good looks and has been able to generate crowd in his movie, which is a plus point he has as an actor. The reaction video could be seen below.

Anmol KC has a smoking habit which his father is very much worried about.

He won more than three national award on his first movie Hostel.

His father Bhuwan KC has revealed in an interview that father and son have very good bond and they share clothes sometime. KC also humorously admitted that the pair did not share underwear.

Anmol KC Family

Father : Bhuwan KC

Bhuwan KC is a famous Nepalese actor, producer and director and Anmol KC’s father. He was born in Kathmandu, Nepal who made his professional debut from movie Juni back in 1983. Although his first movie Juni could not produce a magic in the film industry, it was Kusume Rumal that got his name ahead in the film industry. Beside Kusume Rumal, he has appeared in many superhit Nepali movies including Chino, Nepali Babu, Saino , etc.

Bhuwan KC and Anmol KC

He has won different awards as an actor, while his first award as a director came in the movie Dreams where he won national award as the famous new director.

Mother : Sushmita KC

Anmol KC’s mother Sushmita KC was a Nepali actress and produce and Bhuwan KC’s second wife. She was Sushmita Bhomjan who got her name as KC after she married Bhuwan. She removed the name and preferred to call her Bhomjan.

Siblings: Kajal KC, Vivek KC

While Anmol KC is the youngest children of Bhuwan KC and the only one with his second wife Sushmita, both Kajal KC and Vivek KC are his elder sister and brother respectively. They are children from his first wife Vijaya Malla. His half brother Vivek KC lives in the United States with his step mother Vijaya, while his half sister Kajal is already married.

Anmol KC movies

Anmol KC made his debut in the Nepalese movie from popular movie Hostel in 2013. Later the role followed in movies Jerry, Dreams and Gajalu. Dreams movie was produced by his father Bhuwan KC.

He is soon to appear in movie KRI, which made him the highest paid Nepalese actor. He will be featuring along with famous model Aditi Budathoki. Aditi is a famous model who has more than 120,000 followers on her official Instagram account.

Original NameAnmol KC
Net Worth$50,000
Anmol KC Height6 ft
Anmol KC GirlfriendAnna Sharma (Rumors) , Not Known originally
Anmol KC Date of BirthMarch 30, 1995
Anmol KC IncomeAround 10 Lakhs NPR every movie, highest 22 lakhs in Kri.
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