Anna beth Goodman or simply Annabeth Hartzog

One simple knows about John Goodman, but some may be confused about who Anna beth Goodman is. Actually Anna beth or Annabeth are simply same person.

The woman, we simply know as Annabeth Hartzog is the same women Anna beth Goodman. Her name is Annabeth and people usually link up with her husband’s family name Goodman and they simply search for Annabeth Goodman.

Annabeth is married to actor John. They met back in New Orleans in 1988 during the filiming of Everybody’s All American. The young John Goodman plays as Lawrence in the movie back in 1988.


Young John Goodman back in 1988 in the movie. Annabeth and Goodman met in this movie for the first time.

Young John Goodman back in 1988 in the movie. Annabeth and Goodman met in this movie for the first time.

Anna beth Goodman marriage and children

Anna beth and John Goodman were married in 27 October 1989 and they are married till date. While most of the relations in celebrities does not last until eternity, the couples are married for more than 29 years old and they have one child in together.

They have a daughter together whose name is Molly Evangeline Goodman.

John Annabeth and Molly

Anna beth, John and Molly from left to right as seen during a film festival.

Molly Evangelina Goodman is the only children of Anna Beth Goodman and John Goodman. She was born a year after their parents were married. Molly was born on August 31, 1990. Molly’s grandparents are Leslie F. Goodman and Virginia Ross. Meanwhile, Leslie goodman and Elisabeth Goodman are her Uncle and Aunt.

Molly herself is an actress by profession. She has featured in couple of TV series and also produced a short film with her father, A Love Saga with John Goodman back in 2013.

There is another celebrity named Molly Goodman, an Australian Olympic Rower. She is a national champion, however she has no relation with Anna beth Goodman.

Some more facts about Annabeth Goodman

anna beth goodman

Annabeth Goodman along with her husband John.

Annabeth was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, however she currently lives with her husband John Goodman currently in California.

She was born in 1969, which makes her just 19 years old when she was married to John. This means, Anna beth Hartzog was just 20 years old when she was mother for the first time.

She is an entrepreneur and sometimes remains active in Hollywood. However, she wants to remain low profile which is why we have not seen much of her in internet and social media.

She graduated from Bogalusa high school in 1986. This means she was married only two years after graduation.

Annabeth and John met in a Halloween party when John was shooting for Everybody’s All America. He said in an interview with that he was in a Halloween party when a girl came to him and said, “Hi.” I couldn’t figure out why anyone that pretty was talking to me”, it was Annabeth.

Anna owns a children clothing store called Pippenlane in New Orleans.

One more interesting facts is that when Anna beth and John’s daughter Molly was born, they purposely left Hollywood because they did not want their daughter to grow in crazy environment. Later, her daughter currently works as Producer designer.

She has her own custom gym in the house and she wants to remain active and physically fit all the time.


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