15 Birthday Gift Ideas For Soccer Fans

Soccer fans love soccer gift ideas because they are hooked up with the sports. Football, known as soccer in America and some parts of the world is the most prestigious and renowned sport in the whole world. It is truly enthusiastic and very popular among people around the entire world. Football is fun to play as well as to watch domestic and international matches which are played in various locations of the world.

Pepi Soccer gift ideas

Football unites people from the whole world. It has become a part of our life and is attached emotionally to us. It has become a source of happiness for us by watching our favourite team play or by playing with our friends.

A normal football fan never tries to miss watching football matches whereas a passionate football fan basically enjoys football by playing along with watching. Football is enjoyable in both ways, either by watching or by playing with the availability of proper football accessories.

Some football fans who enjoy playing wish to have all the accessories which will make them easy to play and the fans who enjoy watching matches of their favourite footballer or club wishes to watch live from the stadium.

For soccer fans, soccer runs through their veins. Soccer is a source of happiness as well as sorrow for many people around the world. So, here are some fun and affordable gift ideas for true football fans who can be gifted to make their day special:

Buy a match ticket

A true football fan wishes to watch their favourite team or their player play offscreen. They are emotionally attached to their favourite players and is like a dream come true if they get such an opportunity of watching their favourite team/play in physical presence. So if you ever want to plan something special for them, make sure you plan their ticket to their favourite match.

Non-slippery soccer socks

While playing matches, socks get slippery due to sweat affecting the movement and shooting skills of players, which affects the overall performance. As boots and footballs are really common gifts, we can gift non-slippery socks to your beloved friends which eliminates slippage of the foot from the boots.

This makes them comfortable and does not disturb their performance. Playing by wearing these socks can make them never get back on wearing ordinary socks. So, if your friend enjoys playing soccer, either on weekends or professionally, these soccer socks could be one of the best gifts that means much to them.

Inviting for a match

A fan who loves playing football can be invited to a match in the local stadium to showcase their football skill, or you can invite them to root you playing in the match. One of the best ideas for soccer fans is to have them experience soccer and what could be the best soccer experience more than to watch a soccer game itself.

Wallpapers of their favourite players

Fans can put wallpapers in their own room and stare at them when they are in a bad mood, or even in good mood, because why not? This way of gifting makes them remember some favourite moments and games. And not just games, it reminds them of you whenever they stare at their wallpapers. You could buy soccer wallpapers online in Amazon or you can even have them canvas printed.

Signed Jerseys of their favourite player

The matchday t-shirts or jerseys are signed by their favourite players. These jerseys are usually available during auctions that go for a good cause, or you can find them on eBay. Trust me when I say them, gift them one, and you’ll thank me later. These signed jerseys might be expensive, because why not, they are exclusive, but they are of great value for football lovers

Soccer history book

This helps the fans to know how and where the game of soccer was originated from, what kind of hardships were faced by old players for the continuation of this sport and how it has become one of the most popular games in this modern era.

It gives them an opportunity to get to know their players well. For example, Steven Gerrard fans could definitely read Steven Gerrard’s autobiography.

Stainless steel water bottle

Water bottles are useful to carry water while practising. Players get thirsty frequently and they seek cold water so as to make their body and mind cool. So a three-layered bottle can be gifted which can keep their beverages cold or hot depending on their choices.

Unique bottles with the prints of their favourite team or players could be gifted which can make their birthday more special.

Game of table soccer or Fussball

Soccer is played with legs but table soccer often called Fussball is a small version of classical soccer played with hands. It is equally fun and challenging as a real version of soccer. It can be an effective gift for soccer fans. It is portable and can be played with 2-4 people and we can make any event fun and special. We just have to put it on the ground or even in your basement and we are all set to play.

Glowing Soccer balls

No one likes to play soccer in the dark having less visibility of the ball. So, this type of soccer ball can be gifted to fans as it is excellent for playing in the dark. It glows light of various colours and is designed especially for these scenarios. This ball is tough and suitable for playing for people of all age groups. If not a playing ball, you can even gift them glowing soccer ball table lamps.

Mini goalposts

It can be effective in playing with our siblings in places with a small area like the garden or backyards in their own home. It can enhance the skills by making habitual in scoring goals in mini goalposts and as we play in real and competitive matches, it will be easy to score in bigger goal posts. So gift them mini-post, inspire them to play.


Hairbands with logos or pictures of their favourite team can make them feel motivated while playing. Putting on hairbands also absorbs the sweat from our forehead making us comfortable to play. If not handy, why not show off with a cool hair band.

The boot buddy

It is a handy, effective and simple device ideal to clean mud and dirt from all kinds of boots within minutes. It is called boot buddy because it provides the most effective and easy way to clean boots. It is made up of simple and durable plastic with the capacity to store at least 300ml of water. A simple brush with durable and strong bristles is attached to it enabling us to clean all strains from all kinds of footwear. It is must-have equipment for Football lovers, specially designed for soccer fans who play in muddy playgrounds.

T-shirts / Jerseys

Not regular t-shirts, but t-shirts having his/her name printed at the backside of it as it is of professional football players. Also, some t-shirts with printed football terms in them can be a good gift. T-shirts that are cosy to wear while playing, which does not give a burning sensation in summer seasons and designed to absorb sweat from our body can be gifted. These shirts with the above qualities can improve players’ performance while playing as it does not stick to their body.

Cell phone case

The most used device in the present day is our personal cell phone. We carry our cell phones wherever we go and to be represented as a soccer fan, we can gift him/her cell phone case printed with the favourite player’s face or with the crest of his/her favourite football club. It is noticeable to other people as we use cell phones regularly. Gifting phone cases can make other people think that he/she loyal soccer fan who is emotionally attached to his/her favourite football club/player.

A fan book

A fan book is such a book made for the fans by the player. It is a book written which is dedicated to all the fans from all over the world. In such books, the player writes about his/her journey from being a normal trainee to a professional sportsperson. It shares the remarkable events and all the hardships faced by a player in his/her career.

So, if you are planning to surprise your friend who is a true soccer fan, you can take your chance by gifting this stuff on their birthday to make their day more special. People often choose fancy and expensive stuff to surprise their friends on their birthday, but if you are looking for affordable and simple ones, you can give one of these a try.

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