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Chip Gaines, a name that usually comes on with Joanna Gaines is HGTV’s Fixer Upper show host who has been flipping, remodeling and fixing up homes as the couples have been doing it together for almost 12 years now. In this blog posts, people searching for Chip Gaines Wikipedia and Chip Gaines net worth will get a proper value because throughout the post, we will try to discuss more about the HGTV show host.

Chip Gaines Wikipedia

The internet is full of surprises and one of the surprise is Wikipedia has not got its page for Chip Gaines. Many people search for Chip Gaines Wikipedia, however we will be discussing more about Chip Gaines Wiki further in this section.

Chip Gaines was born on November 14, 1974 in New Mexico. He married Joanna back in 2003 and the couples have been actively involved in their business ever since. He graduated with a marketing degree from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business and his degree has been very much helpful to pursues his career.

He and Joanna has four children together and the reality star couple sit in 100 years old farmhouse which exists in 40 acres of land. Joanna has expressed about her interest to add up a new member in the family. She said she would love to give birth to one more children, however Chip is not very much positive about the idea.

Chip Gaines Wikipedia

The name of the Children are Drake, Ella, Duke and Emmie. Drake is the eldest in the family, while Emmie is the youngest one.

The famous entrepreneur might looked perfect, but he always had a flaw while he was a rookie parent. Chip usually forgot about his elder children Drake, as he has reportedly left him alone for almost three times when he was young.

Joanna recalls about an incident when she left Drake with Chip as she wanted half an hour break for a walk. Drake was six weeks then when Joanna came back from walk to notice Drake only with a diaper, and breakfast all ready for her. She then asked Chip if he forgot to dress Drake and took him at the grocery to buy the breakfast stuff only with a diaper. Chip then realized that he completely forget that he had a son to look after and went on to the store leaving his eldest child alone. He admitted that Drake was so quite, he forget that he had a son.

Another similar instance Joanna shared was when she was on a long jogging. She found Chip in a Truck who was on his way to office. He waved his hand and said Joanna that she was doing good with her work out. Joanna later realized that the baby seat at the back was missing, only to notice that he left Drake again. Later Joanna admitted that she did not go out for a run or jog until Drake completed his first year on his life.

Chip and Joanna have a Magnolia market business in Texas together which he promotes through the HGTV show. He has established more successful small business than a normal people could count on their two hands.

Chip admitted that he lacked experience when he first started to flip homes, even more he met Joanna. He says his success is because he placed importance to family and home more than money.

Chip Gaines Net Worth

When it comes about the estimated value and Chip Gaines Net Worth, the property could be equally evaluated. Chip and Joanna have a business together, so the net worth would be added one. Chip is of entrepreneurial nature and he has numerous successful small businesses including Magnolia Market  in Texas which is their most successful business. Their business value has been increasing with the course of time.

The business that started as flipping houses has turned into different business including a colony and real estate business. At 2016, the estimated Chip Gaines net worth would be somewhere around $10 Million.

Chip Gaines Facts

Surprisingly, both Chip and Joanna studied in Baylor University, but the couples did not meet there. It was matter of fate that the couple met after three years of graduation.

Chip admitted that he flipped his first house back when studying at Baylor University. His success was because of that first sell where he learned how an undervalued product could be bought, added value to it and sold for huge profits.

They have four children, two boys and two girls. The eldest one in the family, Drake is a boy while the youngest one is a girl.

They live in a farm house which is 100 years old and it has spread in 40 acres of land. There are 60 + animals in the farms which they take care of themselves.

chip Gaines farm

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million which has improved a lot in couple of years. His business has added services as a real estate business which makes him good income.

HGTV approached the couple after they saw one of the flipped house. Both Chip Gaines and Joanna agreed and rest is the history.

Although they are TV starts, they do not have a TV in their house where they live. Their children have watched few of their parent’s show in neighbor’s, however they were not much impressed.

The lesson learned from Chip Gaines

The life of the reality show host Chip Gaines could earn you a great lesson. He started his flipping business while at University and he did not have much experience when he first flipped a house. So this may count as one lesson, as you do not need to be expert in some works in order to succeed. Experience comes with time and with hard work and dedication, you could be able to achieve your goals.

Chip always said that he would value family first ahead of business and the business comes on itself. When he redesigns the house and resells it, he makes sure the buying party gets homely environment. So you make take a lesson that if you provide good service, your business will ultimately prosper.

Additionally Chip, Joanna and the family is a lovable family. They take care of each other and considers family to be the best part in their life. Once you have love and support from the family, you could always work out with a free mind. As Chip and Joanna are husband and wife working together, sharing similar passion, they have a bond that keeps them successful.

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