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This might be a strange thing otherwise, mostly in south eastern region including countries like Nepal, India with traditional cultural norms. However in celebrity world, this is quite common. David Lucca Da Silva Santos, who is Neymar’s only son is born to a mother who is never married. Neymar loves his son very much who was born after his girlfriend was pregnant and feels proud to become a father. Ironically, his girlfriend is already his ex-girlfriend now. Know some more about David Lucca Da Silcva Santos as we try to explore something more about Neymar’s son, his mother and Neymar’s ex-girlfriend.

David Lucca da silva santos

David Lucca Da Silva Santos was born on August 24, 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was born to famous footballer Neymar and his mother Carolina Dantas. Neymar used his official website to confirm his fans that he was about to become a father. Neymar who scored 27 times in 64 games for Santos declared in May that he would become a father later on that year. The 19 years old Brazilian forward explained the situation but did not reveal the name of his girlfriend then. He said he and the girl’s family came into an agreement to keep the mother’s name private in order to avoid extra pressure she had to bear due to exposure. Later his girlfriend was revealed to be Carolina Dantas.

Neymar admitted that he was young when he came to know about Carolina’s pregnancy. He was afraid and feared when he was first informed he was about to become a dad. However with proper support from his family, he made himself strong enough to convince that he would not ask his girlfriend to abort his children.

He decided to give his son a life, the decision was also backed up as he was from strong catholic family who believed abortion was great sin. Although he was afraid and he was not sure if he made a good decision, he has later admitted that David Lucca Da Silva Santos was the best thing that happened on his life.

Neymar loves his son very much. If you get onto his official Instagram account, you would see a lot of pictures with his son. He has 62.2 million followers on his official Instagram account.

Neymar calls his son Davi. Davi usually stays with his mother Carolina Dantas, however he also spends good amount of time with his father. His ex girlfriend moved from Brazil to Barcelona so that Davi could spend maximum time with his father.

Information about David Lucca Da Silva Santos Mother

David Lucca’s mother is Carolina Dantas. Her full name is Carolina Nogueira Dantas and she was born on May 27, 1993. The relationship of Carolina with superstar footballer Neymar turned the couples to become parents. Although they were young, they decided to keep the children. It is mother Carolina who usually takes care of David Lucca. He is mostly with his mother, however spends some time with his father as well.


Carolina Dantas with David Lucca Da Silva Santos.

Carolina Dantas was always afraid of fame, as she wanted privacy. She met Neymar through a mutual friend before she got pregnant. She always feared of getting known, so she wanted to abort the children. However Neymar’s family being a strong catholic, they decided not to let her throw the children and she gave birth to Davi. She had a deal with Neymar and asked to remain out of fame. So Neymar did not announce mother’s name while he announced that he decided to become a father.

Despite of all her methods, it was not possible for her to hide away from media and people. Eventually people started to get know about her. Now she has more than 700 thousands of followers on her official Instagram picture where she mostly has images with her son Davi. Carolina, who was 17 years during her delivery is now a popular figure in Brazil, and in the world, because she is mother of Neymar’s children. She says she would not get behind to use the fame she has to achieve her financial independence.

Carolina was aiming a career in medical when she became mother. She has explained in a video that she met Neymar through a common friend. She said she did not want to make any friendship with him because he was a football player and she always wanted to stay way from media and controversies. However later they became close and then she became pregnant with Neymar’s son. She was first afraid, but later was pleased with how Neymar behaved her during her pregnancy.

She has two tattoos on her body, one with her sisters’ name and other with David Lucca Da Silva Santos , her children’s name.

Neymar and Carolina Dantas relationship Status

The relationship between the superstar footballer Neymar and his ex girlfriend is a bit mysterious and complicated. The couple were in relationship, which resulted accidental impregnation of Carolina Dantas. The couple kept the child, however never married.

After David Lucca’s birth, Neymar and Carolina decided that they would not be together. Although they had break up, they have a good relationship as friends. Carolina is usually spotted live or in photo with Neymar. They have good verbal relationship. It was also reported that Neymar’s baby’s mother was spotted on his birthday celebration as well which suggests that the couple has a warm relationship of friends despite of an ending of romantic relationship. This relationship could prove to be friendly and favorable for David Lucca Da Silva Santos.

Some Facts about his Father Neymar



Neymar is a Brazilian Footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona. He came into popularity on his early age when he made his professional debut for Santos at the age of 16. Neymar stayed at Santos for more than 10 years, spending four years professionally and scoring more than 50 league goals in just over 100 games. He has scored more than 50 goals for Brazilian national team.

Neymar moved to Barcelona from Santos at the age of 21 for a reported fee of €57.1, which was claimed to be much more lesser than what Barcelona had paid to Santos to achieve his signatures. Neymar and his family were involved in different investigations over the transfer matters. There are different claims, including a one which says that Neymar cost Barcelona more than €100m, almost double of what they have reported.

Neymar was 19 years old, two years older than his girlfriend when he became a father. He met Carolina through a mutual friend and the relation deepen as the couple started to text and contact more. Although they are said to be more of a good friend, the physical relationship resulted early pregnancy of Carolina who believes her friendship with Neymar has grown with the birth of Davi. Carolina has claimed that Neymar has been a good father. He usually comes to Carolina’s place whenever he gets time in order to sleep and spend time with his son.

Neymar inherited his name from his father Neymar senior who was also a former footballer and current adviser of his superstar son. He played futsal at the beginning of his career and has known Philippe Coutinho since then as they used to play futsal together. It was earlier on his career when clubs like Real Madrid including couple of English clubs failed to land him. He had a positive contact going on with Real Madrid and flew to join Spanish club at the age of 14. However Santos paid hefty fees in order to convince him to stay at the club.

He is the only Brazilian sports person to appear in the cover of Time magazine. It was previously only some Brazilian politicians who have entered the cover of the popular magazine.

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