David Scott Simon – Alison Berns Husband

When its about celebrities, it is very common when they have affairs, marriage after having children or getting divorced for once or more than once in their life and still having affair. This is very common in the world of Hollywood and other film and entertainment industry. Similar is the case with David Scott Simon, who is Alison Berns husband.

David Scott Simon

People may get confused with Scott Simon as his images gets to the top when they search for David Scott Simon. However the image of Alison Bern husband is not revealed in internet.

Many may not know her by her name Alison Berns but could easily understand when its Alison Stern. Alison Berns was Berns before she married Howard Stern and after she got divorced with the famous American television star. David Scott Simon is Alison Berns second husband when she married him after ending up 21 years of marriage with Howard Stern and having three children with him.

David Scott Simon’s wife Alison Berns was married to Howard Stern back in 1978 when the famous American television and radio star was just 24 years old. Their first children Emily was born on 1983, May 7, which was five years after their marriage. This means that Howard did not wanted to have children until he had some time to establish himself. Certainly a children at a very young age may have somewhere effected his career.

The Divorce

The couples are 15 years after divorce now and Howard Stern has admitted that he still does not know the exact reason why the couple decided to live separately. It is very common that people would start to misunderstand each other and they may come in each other’s way somewhere at some point in their life, however Howard believes he does not know the actual reason. Although, his eldest daughter Emily believes that one of the main reason she would think of her parent’s divorce could be Howard’s attitude towards Alison Bern’s decision to get back to work. Emily believes that her father did not like the idea of Alison getting back to her profession after having three children.

While Alison married to David Scott Simon soon after her break up with Howard, it took Howard eight years to marry another women after he divorced with Alison. It does not mean that Howard stayed single during that time. Few mother after his divorce, he was in relationship with couple of girls and seven months later, he was in relation with Beth Ostrosky, an American actress. The couple got engaged in 2007 and then married in 2008.

Their Children

Howard and Alison Berns together had three children, all of them are daughter. The eldest children in the family is Emily Berns, who is looks completely opposite to her father. While her father dated younger girls, it was the reason why she kept her away from relationship, Emily explained in an interview. Emily Stern believed that her father and mother had a very good relationship, and all the children were shocked when they were informed about the divorce. Emily was 16 years old when her parents decided to stay separate. David Scott Simon is her step father.

Deborah Jennifer Stern is the second children in the family who was born on May 9, 1986. Surprisingly, the eldest daughter Emily and second daughter Deborah share their birthday in two days apart. Deborah is three years younger than her elder sister.

Ashley Jade Stern is the youngest daughter in the family. She is 10 years younger than her elder sister Emily and seven years younger than Deborah. Ashley was just six years old when their parents decided to get divorce.

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