Helene Boshoven Samuel – Heidi Klum Daughter

Helene Boshoven Samuel is Heidi Klum’s daughter who was born on May 4, 2004 in the New York , United States. She is daughter of famous singer Seal(explanation later in this article) and model turned actress Heidi Klum. Helene was born soon after she dated Italian Businessman Flavio Briaatore. She dated Flavio in 2003 and Helene Boshoven Samuel was born in 2004.

Helene Boshoven Samuel

It was later in 2005 when Heidi Klum married Seal. Klum has been open to claim Seal as Helene’s father. Although biologically she Helene is Flavio’s daughter, it was Seal who was with Heidi during her pregnancy. Seal was present in the hospital and it was him who took care of the baby girl. This was the reason why Heidi believes Seal is Helene’s Father.

Helene Boshoven Samuel Family

Biological Father

Flavio Briatore

Flavio Briatore is an Italian Businessman who was born on 12 April, 1950 in Verzuolo, Italy. Verzuolo was a small town in Italy. He was born to a family of elementary teachers, but he was not that sharp on his studies. He failed public school twice, which lead him to attend private school where he passed with low grade. He worked as a manager in restaurant before he himself started a restaurant which was named after his nickname. The restaurant was later closed after it went on huge debt.

Leni Klum

Helene Boshoven Samuel is also known as Leni Klum.

He worked for businessman Attilio Dutto as an assistant before Attilio was killed. Later he moved to Milan where he worked as stock exchange agency.

In late 1980s he was convicted for different fraud charges, receiving more than two prison sentences. Briatore was also actively involved in Formula one as he was the one to invest on Schumacher, knowing his potential. Schumacher turned out to be a good bargain for him as he won more matches. However, Briatore was also convicted as cheating as his team and Schumacher were banned for two games.

Flavio Briatore was also the chairman of English club Queens Park Rangers.


Although Flavio Briatore is Helene Boshoven Samuel’s biological parent, it is Seal who has taken care of her. Let it be during her birth where he was present in the hospital, or it be during her childhood, it was Seal who took care of Helene.

Seal was born on 19 February, 1963 in London, England. His full name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, better known for his stage name Seal. Although he was born in London, he permanently resides in United States. He has won different awards including three Brit awards and four Grammy awards.

He first started his steps on his career

Heidi Klum

Helene Boshoven Samuel’s mother Heidi Klum is German-American model, business women, TV personality and occasional actress. She was born on June 1, 1973 in West Germany. She was a daughter of a hair designer and cosmetic company executive. She got into modeling when she entered a modeling contest after her friend forced her to do so for her good. Out of 25,000 other participants, she was voted the winner and earned her first professional contract worth $300,000.


She has been featured in the cover of different magazines and has appeared as guest and judges in different reality shows. Her first marriage was with stylist Ric Pipino who she divorced in 2002. Later, she met Italian businessman Flavio Briatore in 2003. Although the couple announced their break up later, Heidi Klum announced her pregnancy later in December same year. Helene Boshoven Samuel was born in May 2004, in New York. Helene is also called as Leni Klum.

Beside all her success, there is one that would continue to go with her. She is the first German model to become a Victoria Secret Angel Model. She became Victoria secret Angel in 1997. She was the second most earning model in the world according to a list from Forbes in 2011. Although her wealth continued to grow, she was not on the list next time because she was more of a mogul than a model because she was removed from the Victoria Secret Angel and she turned into businesswomen later. Her total net worth on the year 2011 was estimated to be around $20 Million by Forbes magazine.

Although Klum was born and raised in Germany, she became an American Citizen in 2008, keeping her native German citizenship. Her work and stay in America has got her American Citizen. In 2006, she played a role in 2006 James Bond Videogame, Everything Nothing. She was played as a villain Dr. Katya Nadanova in the famous 2006 video game. Her popularity has even increased after she was selected as the judge in famous reality show America’s Got Talent. Beside America’s Got talent, she has been judge in different reality shows including Germany’s next top model. She is an occasional actress as she has appeared in different supporting roles in movies and in different guest roles in TV shows like how I met your mother.


Lou Sulola Samuel

Lou Sulola Samuel is Heidi Klum and Seal’s daughter. Lou was born on October 9, 2009 and is younger than Leni Klum. She was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She was the third and final children of Seal and Heidi together because they divorced after living two years separately. She is forth children of famous model Heidi, while third children of Seal and Heidi Klum together. Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel

Henry was born on September 12, 2005 and is Seal and Heidi Klum’s son. He is a year younger than Helene Boshoven Samuel.

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel is Heidi Klum’s son with Seal and is second son. He is Heidi Klum’s third children after Helene and Henry. He was born on November 22, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.

Grand Parents

Erna Klum

Erna Klum is Heidi Klum’s mother. Erna was a hairdresser.

Günther Klum

Gunther Klum is Helene’s grandfather as he is Heidi Klum’s father. He was a cosmetics company executive. He is also agent for his daughter Heidi Klum. So when ever any one would like to catch up Heidi for a deal, he would first have to go through his high bargaining father.

Francis Samuel

Francis Samuel is Helene’s grandfather from Seal. Although Seal is not her biological father, he has taken care of Helene and was even present during her delivery in the hospital. Since Heidi broke up with Italian business owner while Helene was born, she considers Seal as her father.

Francis is a Brazilian national.

Adebisi Samuel

Adebisi Samuel is Seal’s Nigerian mother. She is Helene’s grandmother.


The Bullitts

Michael Klum


Tanya Samuel

It was some information about Heidi Klum’s daughter Helene Boshoven Samuel. If you know something more about the celebrity daughter, you may comment in the comment section below. In order to improve some data on this article, you can directly contact us or leave your contact details below in the comments section.

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