Janet Wojcicki – Some facts about Anne and Susan’s sister

Janet Wojcicki is one of three sisters. Her sisters are Susan Wojcicki and Anne Wojcicki.

She was born to Esther Wojcicki who was also called nee Hocham. She was an educator. Her father is Stanley Wojcicki who is a physics professor at Stanford University. Esther is Jewish America while Janet’s father is Polish.

Janet is an anthropologist and epidemiologist at the University of California in the San Francisco. She is an associate Professor in the department of Pediatrics.

Her research in the university includes Stress, Obesity and Telomere Length in Latino Infants and Toddlers where she beheld the role of Principal investigator.

Janet Wojcicki

Additionally in her another research where she was Principal investigator, the research was about Maternal Depression and Child weight gain in Latino Cohort. The research was conducted between July 21 2009 to June 30, 2015. Besides this, she has been included in different other project works as well.

Janet Wojcicki is the second daughter in the family. She was born in 1970, two years after her elder sister Susan was born in 1968.

The family Situation about three daughters

Esther Wojcicki was mother to three daughters. While many people wanted son at that time, according to time.com, she was offered condolences by many people around her. Condolences in the sense that people thought everything was like over for Esther as she could not get a son.

Esther grew in a Jewish community that value sons more than daughters. This is the reason why people were more concerned about the birth of three daughters.

However, when you look years after that time, Esther’s all three daughters are very much successful in their field, proving everyone at that time wrong.

Wojcicki Sisters

Susan Wojcicki : Susan is an American technology executive. She is the CEO of technology giant YouTube. She is estimated to have net worth of $410 million. She attended Gunn High school in Palo Alto in the california.

Janet Wojcicki : Janet is the second daughter in the family. She was born in 1970, two years after Susan was born.

Anne Wojcicki : Anne is the third children in the family who was born three years after Janet on July 28, 1973. She graduated from Yale University and is considered as Genomics expert. She is mostly and popularly known as the CEO and founder of 23andMe which is a private personal genomics and biotechnology company which is based on California. Besides all these, Anne has the reputation of being former spouse of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Sergie is a Russia born American computer scientist. Anne was married to Sergey in 2007 and they got divorced in 2015, eight years after their marriage and having two children together.

Janet Wojcicki’s Uncle David

Janet’s uncle David was dead when he was just 18 months old. Janet’s mother was just 10 years old when he died. David was playing with a bottle of aspirin and he accidentally swallowed pills which caused his death. Although Janet’s grandmother called doctor after the accident in home, but David was violently ill. Later, he was taken to hospital, but all hospitals refused to admin him because of their poor economic condition. It was back in time when hospitals could avoid patient who could not pay.

This was when Janet’s mother lost all the respect for authority. This incident has certainly placed some impact on the Wojcicki’s family including Jane Wojcicki.

Janet was taught to swim, read and count when she was not even five years old. Her mother Ester believed that children should be taught to tackle circumstances rather than to avoid them. She believed that the child must be taught to swim so that they would never avoid pool without supervision.

One of the reasons, for why Janet has become a successful person and hard working is because of one of her mother’s theory. Her mother Ester believed that the more she worked for her children, less they worked for themselves. This is why all her sisters are independent and successful on their own.

This is why Janet has been successful in Male dominant field of science.


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