Michelle McCool ex husband Jeremy Louis Alexander

Jeremy Louis is Michelle McCool ex husband who was in relationship with her since high school. Jeremy Louis Alexander is not a WWE star unlike her ex wife Jeremy, but he has made different guest appearances in the famous scripted television fighting show where he was seen supporting his wife then.

Jeremy Louis Alexander

Michelle McCool and Jeremy Louis were married back in 2001 after they were in relationship since when they were in high school together. It was before Jeremy made her professional debut as an WWE star. Things were normal for Jeremy and Michelle, however things got complicated between them when she made an entrance in WWE in 2004. Two years later, the couple divorced in 2006.

After five years in relationship, they decided to separate with each other. They do not have any children together as this might be one of the reason why they have decided to get a divorce.

The Undertaker

Michelle McCool was married to the Undertaker in 2010, four years after she got divorced with Jeremy Louis Alexander. They were fellow workers together and they might have been in love since working together in the WWE. Michelle and Undertaker are more than 15 years different in age. They have a children together who is a daughter and her name is Kaia Faith Calaway.

Jeremy Louis Alexander Divorce

The divorce between Jeremy and Michelle was rather a quite one, unlikely to some celebrities which catches media attention. They were divorced after five years of marriage and they decided to separate in a mutual understanding after their marriage did not work out properly.

May people would like to know what might have been the reason behind the 2006 divorce. One of the reason could have been about their children. We can assume that Jeremy wanted a child with her. However she was just 21 years old when she got married and 26 years when she got divorce. It was the peak time on her career and giving a birth to the child could have hampered her, she might have assumed.

She entered WWE at the age of 24 back in 2004 and got separated with Jeremy two years later. She married to Undertaker in 2010 and then got retired at the age of 2011, which was exactly one year before Kaia Faith Calaway was born. Her decision to retire could have come as her interest to take better care of her children. She was 10 years on her career and herself was 31 years old when she retired. So all the calculations and age suggests that one of the main reason between their break up was children, career and misunderstanding.

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