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Malia Ann Obama is the elder daughter of the President of United States, Barack Obama. She was born on July 4, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. She completed her high school education from Sidwell Friends School and she is elder sister of Obama’s younger daughter Sasha Obama.

As the Washington Post reported, both Obama parents were present during their daughter’s graduation from high school in Sidwell Friends School. When the school asked if the President would make a speech during the graduation day, Barack Obama declined as he wanted to be a normal parent of a normal graduating daughter. The president gave his daughter a standing ovation when she was walking through the stairs. After she got her Diploma, she planned to take a year gap before she would appear in Harvard.

She might be president’s daughter to general people, but she is a youngster after all. At her age, she seems to enjoy her life at the fullest. She caught attention only because she was a President’s daughter. She has been seen and captured in different exotic party, including one at Lollapalooza where she was seen twerking. She even lifted up her shorts in the process to reveal her booty.

Her father was furious with her when she was allegedly found smoking weed. The first children was filmed smoking something which appeared to be ganja. An eyewitness claimed that Malia Ann Obama was smoking weeds.

Malia Ann Obama


Malia Ann Obama Boyfriend

Malia Ann Obama seems to enjoy her life. She has been seen partying and enjoying her life as she has been in study gaps after getting her Diploma degree. She plans to attend Harvard in 2017 after one years of study gap.

She been taking weeds and twerking and partying hard. Considering her partying habits and friend circle, it could be assumed that Malia Obama has a boyfriend, but it is not revealed. The name of her boyfriend or any images has not appeared in the internet so far.

Malia Obama Height and Weight

The 18 years old Obama’s daughter seems to be a lanky girl. It is assumed that she is 5 feet 11 inches tall. Her weight is assumed to be around 52 kilograms. The body weight and height average is an ideal for a girl of her age.

Malia Ann Obama

Malia Ann Obama Family

Sister: Sasha Obama

Sasha Obama is her youngest daughter, the second children of Barack Obama and the youngest one as well. Sasha Obama was born on June 10, 2001 in Chicago, United States of America.

Father Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the president of the United States Preceded by George W. Bush. He is the 44th president of the United States of America, soon to be Succeed by Donald Trump, who won over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election.

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was a civil rights lawyer and a teacher before pursuing a career in Politics. He was elected as the President of United States in 2008 and again won election in 2012 against Republic Challenger.

Obama senior, Barack Obama’s father was born in Kenya and got an opportunity to pursue his further education in Hawaii after earning a scholarship. While his tenure as an student in the University of Hawaii, he met his fellow student Ann Dunham, and they married in February, 1961. Six months after the marriage, current president of the United States was born.

As a child, Barack Obama did not have a good relationship with his father. While he was very small, his father moved to pursue a Ph.D in Harvard University. Few months after, when Barack Obama was two years old, their parents divorced and his father moved back to Kenya.

When Obama was four years old, his mother married Lolo Soetoro, a fellow student from Indonesia in the University of Hawaii. The family along with Obama moved to Indonesia, where his half sister was born. Several incidents in Indonesia included racism which left his mother worried about her children’s safety in Indonesia. Eventually while Barack Obama was 10 years old, he and his half sister were sent back to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandfather.

While living in Hawaii, he completed his high school. As one of only three black students in the school, Obama became familiar with racism and experience what it was like to became an African-American.

He was selected as the Senate of Illinois State in 1996 and to the U.S Senate in 2004, eventually leading to become the president of the United States in 2008. Obama defeated Republican Presidential nominee John McCain both in Popular vote to be elected as the President of the United States. He won 28 states + DC + NE-02 to be elected as the first African-American President in the history of United States.

Mother Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is the first black first lady in the history of the United States as she is the wife of the President Barack Obama. She was a lawyer, Chicago City administrator and community-outreach worker before she was the first lady of the US.

Michelle was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, which makes her three years younger than her husband. She has a law degree which she earned from Harvard Law school in 1988. After her graduation, she worked at Chicago Law firm, where she met her husband Barack Obama and future President of the United States.

Barack Obama was a summer intern in the firm where Michelle Obama was assigned as the adviser. Initially she refused to date Barack Obama as she felt the emotional relationship could effect the work. However she could not resist to fall in love and the couple later married in 1992.

She has a brother Craig who was just 21 months apart in age. People often mistook them as twins while they were in their childhood. She studied French at the age of six years old. She pursued her career in Law following the footsteps of her elder brother as she studied in Harvard School of Law.

Unlike other first children, Malia Ann Obama is a celebrity Kid. She has over 75000 followers in her official Instagram profile which is run by the Office of the President of US. Instagrams from the first daughter are signed. The account is private and only the approved follower of the account are able to see her posts.

The first daughter of the United States has been caught up in different minor controversies. She has a life to enjoy as she has been enjoying a year gap after getting her diploma. However she is a popular kid, it could be very difficult for her to escape the media speculation. She has been caught smoking joint (unsure but the video and eye witness claims considers it to be true), while she has been seen partying sometimes where she is featured in an exotic twerking.

It is unsure about what Malia Ann Obama will be studying in the University as it is more likely that she will follow the footsteps of her father and mother to study Law. Undoubtedly, her father and mother’s successful career might influence her to purser her career in Law.

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