Maria Victoria Henao Crime used as Tata Escobar

The television series Narcos not only gained a lot of popularity during the time, it started to generate curiosity among the viewers about Pablo Escobar. They wanted to know  family and detailed background about the famous drug dealer of his time who is gone by now. Maria Victoria Henao is his wife who was known as Tata Escobar, nicknamed in the drug dealing world.

Tata Escobar

Maria Victoria and Pablo Escobar were married in 1976 and were together before the death of her husband Pablo in 1993. He was famous drug dealer of modern times and reports estimated that more than 80% heroine that was imported in the United States had hands on Pablo.

Before his death, his estimated net worth was around $20 Billion. He was used a trained and hired assassin. His life and death is displayed in Netflix series Narcos , which has pictured the life of famous drug dealer, arrising cuorisity among the viewers. People would be certainly willing to know what happed to the wife Maria Victoria Henao after the death of her husband. The property worth $20 Billion is carried down to his wife and children after death.

Maria and Pablo were married in 1976 and they had two children together, Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela Escobar. Sebastian, born in 1977 was the eldest son, while his sister, seven years younger , Manuela Escobar was second children of Tata Escobar and Pablo. The first children was born just one year after the marriage, while second children Manuela was born eight years later. Manuela was nine years old during the death of her father.


Henao was just 15 years old when she married to Pablo. She was just 16 while she gave birth to her first child Sebastian. It must have been a very hard time for her during her first conception.

Pablo was 27 years old when he married to Maria Victoria. He was 12 years elder than his wife. Pablo was born in Colombia and died there. After the death of Tata Escobar’s husband, it was very difficult time for the wife and children. They fled from country to country and stayed under radar in order to seek for a normal life. First Maria and her children fled to Colombia, and then searched residence in Germany. Sebastian, the eldest son was 16 years old, very young when his father was shot to death. Meanwhile the younger children was just 9 years old when her father died. It might have been very difficult for their mother to look after him. But her contact in the underground world and her connections might have helped them to survive.

As the family fled to Colombia, in route to Germany to seek asylum, they later had to move to Argentina, where they lived a very low life, out of popularity. Although there was a small incident, as Maria and her son were arrested for money laundering in 1999. The arrest came soon after a local Television aired revealing their presence in the country. Maria and her elder son Juan Pablo Escobar were detained in suspicion of money Laundering. The elder son was born Jaun Pablo, but he later changed the name and identity in order to remain safe.

They were arrested from their apartment in Buenos Aries, in a middle class locality. They were presented in the court with heavy security, however not charged of anything big. Since the shoot out of the husband Pablo, Maria and her kids have had the wealth of more than $1 Billion. So they were trying to stay below par, afraid to being kidnapped by people who would be envious of their wealth.

Two years after Pablo’s death, Maria Victoria Henao and her children fled Colombia to find asylum. They requested different countries and asked different people in their network to seek them asylum. They were in Argentina for 18 months before they were arrested for suspicious charges. They entered Argentina through Chile with the help of false documents. Pablo’s wife was living under the name Maria Isabel Santos Caballero in Argentina, while his son resided under the name Juan Sebastian Marroquin Santos during the time of arrest. Jaun Sebastian was 21 years old during his arrest, meanwhile his sister was not implied in the case.

Beside this incident, the family have been living a quite life, away from any controversies and media.

Pablo Escobar and Tata Escobar Relationship

The drug lord Pablo Escobar had a very pleasant relationship with his family. The couple were married in 1976 and stayed in relationship until the death. Although Pablo had destroyed many life through drugs, he might have been very much cautious that his children would enter the addiction. He warned his son not to get into drugs as that would destroy his life. He also toured his factory to his son Jaun when he was just eight years old.


The eldest son Sebastian Escobar is now an architect and a public speaker. He is married and has a children. After getting into silence for more than 20 years, Pablo got media attention as he said that he wanted to reveal his father’s life in a documentary and book. While the death of his father, he vowed to revenge every one that had hand on his father’s demise. He was very young, just 16 years old then and the though came as reflex to his father’s shootout. Meanwhile now, he wants to work to reform drug policy. Although his father was dead and punished for what he did, there are people who are still living fearlessly and they should be punished. Sebastian, his mother Maria Victoria Henao and his sister fled Colombia to Argentina after the death and he says they had to burden lot of pressure in order for survival.

Beside, Pablo, even the family was targeted, back when Sebastian was 11 years old, they were targeted with a bomb by his father’s rival. The bombing tore apart the apartment, however luckily they survived. Sebastian and his mother Tata Escobar had requested his father many time to stop violence, but then they knew he was in a point where there was no return.

Sebastian has publicly slammed Netflix as he believes that the series has manipulated things about his father. An estimated 3.2 Million people watched the television show, which has certainly arose question on the drug dealing lord Pablo Escobar.

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