Mary Lee Harvey – Steve Harvey Wife and Controversies

Mary Lee Harvey is Steve Harver’s ex wife who has been in popularity ever since her her marriage with the famous millionaire comedian Steve Harvey. She was married to Steve Harvey as his second wife back in 1996 and the relationship lasted for no more than nine years as they divorced in 2005.

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey have one child together, Wynton Harvey. Whyton was born on July 18, 1997 and is one of the seven children from Steve Harvey. While four of the children are his own biological, the remaining three are his step children from his third wife.

The 2005 divorce between Mary Shackelford and famous comedian Harvey remained a messy one rather than an easy one. It was followed by couple of lawsuits and Mary Lee Harvey was even put behind the bars as a contempt to the court.


Harvey’s first marriage that lasted for more than 14 years is the longest one till date. He has three children from his first marriage with Marcia Harvey including twin daughters and a son. Although we do not have an exact idea if Steve is still in touch with his first wife, he is in a good relations with his children from first marriage. The first divorce was rather a smooth one and was not messy.

His second marriage with Mary Lee Harvey, sometimes called Mary Vaughn Woolridge or Mary Lee Shackelford or just Mary Shackelford  was a messy one including different lawsuits. The couple were in seven years relationship, and the divorce was settled with Mary getting three of their homes as well as $40,000 per month until 2009 as well as a one-off payment of $1.5 million. Mary got the legal custody of their only children later after the divorce.

After their divorce, Mary has alleged Steve of different things, including that they were in relationship even during his first marriage. Meanwhile she also accused Steve in different YouTube videos, which court believed to be violating court’s order.

Mary Lee had spoken from behind the bars when she was sent in prison for 30 days for violating the court’s order.

“I didn’t violate any court orders,” said Vaughn. “This is about ‘You’re not supposed to be talking to anybody about your divorce.’ That’s what they’re saying. I’m like, this is America.” , Mary said when she was still facing prison sentence for 30 days back then.

Mary Lee Harvey

She alleged Steve of taking away the son’s custody Wynton, however it is believed that she set her son on plane to send to his dad’s place without he ex-husband’s knowledge.

I was not expecting a four hour long hearing without an attorney,” she said later when she was in prison.

“Am I angry? Yes,” said Vaughn. “I missed six years of my son’s life and I can’t get those years back.”

“I’m just a mother who wants to have access to my son without interference,” she said. “I’m tired of getting pulled down to McKinney courthouse every time I say ‘Boo.’ I’m not going to be silenced.”

Out of many of her allegations, Mary Lee Harvey also alleged her husband of child abuse. She accused her husband had brutally beaten their only children. She said that Steve had beaten him with belt However Steve Harvey was cleared of all the allegations about the child abuse. Mary said that it was all cover up that caused him free from all those allegations and came out in a social campaign in order to expose her ex husband. The judge had enough with her and charged her for disrespecting court’s decision and she was sent in jail for 30 days.

Steve Harvey, his marriages and children

Steve Harvey first married to Marcia Harvey and the marriage lasted for more than 14 years. This is the longest marriage he had been in till the date. He has three children with Marcia including twin daughters and a son. He is still in contact of his children from first wife Marcia and loves them. The name of the children are Karli Harvey, Brandi Harvey and Broderick Harvey Jr.

His second marriage was with Mary Lee Harvey which happened just two years after his divorce with Marcia. The marriage lasted for seven nine years and has one children with her. The couple got divorced in 2005 which was followed by different controversies. Currently Steve holds the legal custody of his son he had with Mary. Although Steve claims that he had a smooth relation and divorce with Marcia, Mary believes they had relationship even before Steve divorced his first husband. It was one of the many allegations Mary put on Steve.

In the video above, you could hear some allegations that Mary had on her famous ex wife Steve. Steve was very much in controversies and he had different things to settle, while majority of allegations and lawsuits came from the one who he loved at one point on his life.

Steve married for the third time with Marjorie Bridges-Woods, exactly two years after his divorce with Mary. He says Majorie has played a vital part to improve his life and she has been inspiration for him. Steve has not got a biological children with Majorie, but he has taken legal custody of her previous three children Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey and Morgan Harvey.

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