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Megan Wallace Cunningham is popularly known as Craig Ferguson’s spouse. Craig Ferguson is an Scottish American television host, author and an actor.

Megan Wallace Cunningham in a Nutshell

NameMegan Wallace Cunningham
Marriage DateDecember 21, 2008
SonLiam James Ferguson
HusbandCraig Ferguson

Megan Wallace Cunningham

Megan Wallace Cunningham, also known as Megan Wallace or Megan Cunningham is an art dealer who is famously known as Craig Ferguson’s wife. She caught limelight when Craig married her which was his third marriage. They were married in 2008. In this article, we will try to give you all the information including Megan Wallace Cunningham wiki and much more.

Megan Wallace Cunningham Height and weight

Megan Wallace is an art dealer and she is a decent looking beautiful lady. Her height is not known. Similarly, her weight is also not available, however she looks decent in an average BMI weight.

Megan Wallace Cunningham Marriage or Divorce

Megan Wallace is married to famous Television show host Craig Ferguon. Craig was born in 17 May 1962 and he is 13 years older than his spouse Megan Wallace Cunningham.

Megan is Craig’s third wife after his two earlier marriage was broken down. He was married to Anne Hogarth for three years from 1983 to 1986. Later he was married for six years with Sascha Corwin from 1998 until 2004.

After four years of break from marriage, Megan Wallace Cunningham become his third wife. The couple were married in 2008. Megan being quite younger compared to Craig, she has been attracted by media and caught media attention.

The exact date of their marriage is on December 21, 2008. The couple marriage amid a private ceremony on Megan’s family farm in Chester, Vermont. She is still married and not divorced with Craig.

Megan Wallace Cunningman Children

Megan Wallace has a son with Craig. On July 20, 2010, almost two years after their marriage, Craig publicly announced that they were expecting a baby. Their children was born on 31 January, 2011 and was named Liam James Cunningham.

Megan Wallace Cunningham Life Timeline


Megan Wallace Cunningham was born

Megan was born in 1975 in Chester, Vermont


Become mother

She become mother to a baby boy on 31 January, 2011. The name of the baby is Liam James.


Announced Pregnancy

On July 2010, Craig announced that they were expecting a baby.


Megan was married to Craig.

The couple got married on December 21, 2008. Megan is Craig’s third wife after he divorced with previous two spouses. They got married in Megan’s farm in her hometown.

Some facts about Megan’s husband

Megan Wallace’s husband Craig Ferguson was a British Citizen. he received honorary US citizenship using the Late Late show.

He was an alcoholic, and has been recovering to sober since 18 February, 2018, He as admitted that he considered suicide back on 1991 Christmas day.

He started his career as a drummer in a rock band which was called Exposure. Later he joined punk band named ‘The Bastards from Hell’. The punk band was a regular performer in Glasgow for two years starting 1980 to 1982.

Megan Wallace Cunningham’s husband Craig was born in Stobhill Hospital in the Springburg district of Glasgow. His father’s name is Robert and mother Janet Ferguson.  He was born on 17 May, 1962.

Following a damage in their housing in World War two, Craig and his family were resettled.

He first moved to United States in 1975 when he was 13. He just visited his uncle and never knew about his future in the United States. Eight years later when he was 21, he became a bouncer in one of the night club after he permanently moved to the New York.

Megan and Craig

Megan Wallace Cunningham Son

Megan and Craig had their only children when she was 36 years old. This is her only own children. However, she also has step child named Milo Hamish Ferguson. Milo was born on 2001 which was seven years ahead of Megan’s marriage. Milo is Craig’s son with Sascha Ferguson. Sascha is Craig’s second wife and Milo was born three years ahead of their divorce.

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