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Meghan Trainor is an American singer, writer and song writer. She was born on December 22, 1993 in the United States of America. Beside singing, she also composes music and plays different instruments like piano, violin, guitar, trumpet, ukulele and keyboard. Despite of her rise to fame, she is bit down to earth.

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Meghan Trainor Weight

Meghan Trainor Height

Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Meghan Trainor Boyfriend

Meghan Trainor Facts

This famous music personality was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts to Kelly Annie and Gary Trainor. Both her parents were Jewelers. She has two brothers, Ryan and Justin. Her elder brother Ryan is a year older than her while Justin is the youngest children in the family.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth

The love for signing was seen on her from the very beginning at her age. She was singing from the age of six, first singing at the church with her father. People used to praise her voice and signing skills from the very beginning and asked her father to get serious about her career in music. She began writing music at an early age of 11 years old. Her first music arrangement came at the age of 11 for the song Heart and Soul.

Meghan Trainor BirthdayDecember 22, 1993
Meghan Trainor Height5’5”
Meghan Trainor Weight150 Pounds
Meghan Trainor Net Worth$3 Million
Meghan Trainor BoyfriendUnknown

Her father and mother had an inspiring role in her career. At her early age of 11, she told her father her desire to become music artist. Her father Gary Trainor encouraged her to research different music genres. She was already performing in a band that included her aunt, her younger brother and her father. The band did cover songs and Meghan’s compositions.

Meghan Trainor Weight

At the age of 22, Meghan Trainor looks a bit obese than the ideal weight a celebrity has. She was quite bulky from her childhood as her friend remember. Although obese does not men fat enough to notice. She had an issue with her crush about her weight. Her song All about that bass, which has more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube is somewhat related to her overweight issue.

The song is an inspiring one to the girls which asks young girls to be proud of their body, no matter what size it is. She has used her body weight issues and insults that came because of her weight to write her all time famous song.

Meghan Trainor Weight

Meghan Trainor during her early youth.

The image above is Meghan Trainor’s early youth image where she is seen bulky. Her father says that she has been misbehaved and teased because of her body weight earlier, which made her very much obsessed. She was very careful about her weight, and to inspire girls such as her, she has written a song which has grossed more than 1.5 billion views and it is her most popular song.

Meghan Trainor weight is 150 pound, her weight in kg is 68 kg.

Meghan Trainor Height

For a 22 years old girl, Meghan Trainor has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. This is an ideal average height for women of her age.  The average American women height is 5 feet 4 inches, which means Meghan Trainor has an ideal height.

Is her weight greater than it should be ?

Considering weight and height of a person, BMI index could illustrate if Meghan’s weight is ideal or not, for her age and height. She has an BMI index of 26.6. According to an article, BMI index above 25 and below is considered overweight, but not obesity. This means Meghan Trainor is over-weighed according to height but not obsessively.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Meghan Trainor’s income and earning is mostly covered by her songs. She is a popular singer with 1 billions views crossed in one of her song. This makes her a great assets to endorsement deals.

Meghan Trainor net worth : Estimated to be around $3 Million.

Meghan Trainor Boyfriend

Meghan Trainor has herself admitted that she had struggled with her weight and was called fat before getting into fame. Her friends would call her fat and she was very much conscious about her weight. There are stories that she had a crush before fame but she would not get him because of her weight.

Things has changed now for the December born superstar. Not only she has lost her weight, she has gained so much popularity that every boy would think twice, or even thrice before he would reject her.

Meghan has openly said that she wants to make a boyfriend but her mother insists he must be a star. Meghan is currently without a boyfriend, at least we do not know about it, but sooner or later she could find a star boyfriend.

The Grammy Award winner, who mostly tours with her elder brother Ryan says that most people mistakes her brother with her boyfriend and thinks that Ryan is her man.

Meghan Trainor Facts

From her teenage to her rise in fame, the Grammy Award winner has different facts that her fans would like to know. Here are few notable things we think that will interest you.

Meghan Trainor was very young when she was first interested to sing. She sang at church with her father when she was six, while she started to write songs at the age of 11. She was in a band with her younger brother, aunt and her farther when they sang her composed songs and did some covers as well.

She was fat and very much obsessed about her weight. In an interview, her father revealed that she was very much upset about her weight which made her careful. She lost more than 25 pounds to look what she does at the moment.

Meghan Trainor net worth is around $3 Million. The most of her money came after her rise in fame. Her most popular song has more than 1 and half billion hits in YouTube. The song ‘All About That Bass’ was highly inspired by her early days weight and the lyrics inspires women to embrace their curves, no matter what. After co-writing the song, it was first offered to Beyoence and Adele. Fortunate for her, they rejected the song and she sang it herself.

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