Melissa Montgomery-Hime – Actress and Wife

Melissa Montgomery Hine was born on January 4, 1948 in Beverly Hills, California in the United States of America. She is an American actress, who has appeared in the television series Make Room for Daddy. Her parents were Daughter of Dinah Shore and George Montgomery.


In picture, Melissa as a kid with her father and mother.

She was married to Mark Hime, founder, creater and CEo of Biblioctopus. He founded his the book dealing company back in 1980, 10 years after he and his wife Melissa Montgomery-Hime moved from Los Angeles.

He was born in Los Angeles and worked for his dad during Christmas and Summer vacation holidays. His father worked as legal advisor to different film industry celebrities and he was able to meet different celebrities at that time. Althugh the celebrities did not care about meeting them, it used to be great deal for Mark Hime.

Melissa Montgomery Hime’s father George Montgomery was a versatile man. He was a boxer, singer, writer , actor, director, producer, architect, art collector, world traveller and many more, trying almost everything that normal people would choose one of them as their career. He died at the age of 84 and his daughter Melissa along with two other people were present during his funeral.

Although Melissa married to Mark Hime, the marriage did not last for lifetime as they got divorced after having three children together. It is very common for entreprenures and celebrities to stay in relationship or marriage and get divorce. Jennifer Hime, Alex Hime and Adam Hime are three children ofr Melissa Montgomery Hime and her entreprenure husband Mark Hime. All the three children are sons.

It is not sure who had the legal custody of the children when their parents separated. It is apparently believed that their mother Melissa Montgomery had legal custody of the children. However the children are now big enough to look after themselves and they have family of their own, they do not need to stick either with their father or mother.

The main reason of the divorce between the couple has not been revealed yet but people believed that Mark Hine’s busy schedule could have been the main reason why Melissa Hime wanted to stay separately with him despite having three children with him. Some people also claimed that the American entreprenue had another affair which was the reason why she had to separate with her husband. However these are just rumors and there is not any concrete evidence about this information.

Mark Hime

Born: January 4, 1948 (age 68), Beverly Hills, California, United States

Children: Jennifer Hime, Alex Hime, Adam Hime

Parents: Dinah Shore, George Montgomery

Siblings: John David Montgomery

Ex-spouse: Mark Hime

Grandparents: Solomon Shore, Anna Stein Shore

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