Milo Hamish Ferguson – Who is Craig Ferguson Son

Milo Hamish Ferguson is mostly known as Craig Ferguson’s son. Born on may of 2001 in Tuesday, he is 21 years old as of today when this article was written. Milo Ferguson born to Sascha Ferguson who is Hamish’s ex wife.

Craig Ferguson is a Scottish-American Comedian, which makes an interest on Milo among a large portion of Craig’s fans.

Milo Hamish Ferguson Mother Sascha Ferguson

Sascha Ferguson married to Craig Ferguson on 1998. She has appeared in Craig Ferguson film The Big Tease as a Judge. The movie stars Craig Ferguson, Chris Langham and David Rasche.

Sascha was born as Sascha Gabriella Corwin on November 5, 1970. Beside her acting career, she is also known as a BusinessWomen. She is the founder of SpySchool, which is a 30 hours course for women spread across in eight weeks that enlightens and trains women aerial arts, surfing, gymnastics, etc.

She is also the CEO of Absolution Workout Complete, LA based fitness center.

Quoted from her LinkedIn bio, “Together, we identify and eliminate the missing links, emotional blocks, and blind spots preventing individuals, couples, families, and brands from achieving a profound emotional connection with others. Applies to sales, branding, campaigns, as well as individuals and groups. Multiple award-winning health, well-being and connection specialist.”

Milo Hamish Ferguson Father Craig Ferguson

Milo Hamish Ferguson is Craig’s son, from his second wife Sascha. Craig married Sascha in 1998 and their relationship ended after six years in 2004. Craig then married Megan Wallace-Cunningham in 2008.

Craig Ferguson is an American Comedian, actor and TV host, most popularly known for hosting The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in the CBS. He first started his career in the UK in music and comedy before he moved to the United states. He became the American Citizen in 1 February, 2008.

Milo Hamish Ferguson Family

Milo was born to Craig and Sascha. He has two aunts, Craig’s two sister, Janice and Lynn Ferguson Tweddle. Lynn is also a comedian, writer, actress and a story coach. Milo’s grandparents from Craig are Janet Ferguson and Robert Ferguson.

Meanwhile, his uncle Scott Ferguson is also a TV present in Scotland.

He has a Sibling, Liam James Ferguson from his step-mom Megan Wallace Cunningham, who Craig married in 2008. Liam has his voice in How to Train your Dragon as Nuffink Haddock. Liam is almost 10 years younger than Milo.

Milo Hamish Ferguson

Milo Hamish Ferguson Interest

Milo is an animator and a visual artist based on Los Angeles. His website Keetz has a detail info about his work and interests. His works can also be seen on his Youtube Channel. He attends The School of Visual Arts in New York City with a major in Animation. He also has a twitter acccount that almost has almost half a million subscribers.

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