10 photos that shook the world

A picture speaks a thousand words is an English Idiom which is very true. Here are 10 pictures that everyone would remember for years.

1. A Vulture waits for the kid to die.

Vulture and Kid

This is a picture from about 1992 which got social media by storm in recent days. This is a picture from South Sudan photographed by Kevin Carter. The child, which is a boy struggles to get to a feeding center by United Nations, while the Vulture waits for the child to die.

Kevin won Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography in 1994 for this photo but he was criticized globally, led to his suicide aged 33 on July 27, 1994.

2. Soldier and Priest

Soldier and Priesnt

This is a picture from 1962 when a soldier spends his last few minutes embracing a priest after he was shot by a sniper.

3. John Lenonn and his killer

John Lenonn

This is an image from 1980, a few minutes before John Lenonn’s death. He is pictured giving an autograph to his killer few hours before his death.

4. A priest burns himself without a sound



A priest named Thich Quang Duc, in South Vietnam, burns himself alive protesting government’s torture policy against the priest. Quang Duc made no sounds or scream while he was burning.

5. Hunger, Death, and emotion


This is a picture from Somalia where a mother carries the dead body of her child who died of hunger.

6. Rwanda mass killing


A group of Hutus started slaughtering in Ruwanda, the picture is blood feet of children who tried to escape by climbing the walls.

7. The prisoner and the son

Prisoner and the son

An Iraqi prisoner tries to console his son. The prisoner was handcuffed and covered with a hood, while the army considered prisoner’s request to free his hand only to console his son who is afraid to see his father’s capture.

8. Job FinderJob

A man seeks a job.

9. Seconds before a murder

Japan murder, photos that shook the world

Few second before an opposition student murders Japanese Socialist Party leader Asanuma back in 1960.

10. Marital mask

Wedding pic

A picture from Izu Island marriage where bride, groom and all the marriage attendants use mask to tackle high amount of sulphur from volcanic activities.

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