Truman Theodore Hanks – Tom Hanks Children

Tom Hanks has four children, one of which is Truman Theodore Hanks. He is Tom Hanks’ forth children and youngest in the house.

Truman Theodore Hanks was born on December 26, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. His mother is Rita Wilson, who is Tom Hanks’ second spouse. While Tom Hanks had two children from his previous wife Samantha Lewes, he has two with Rita, one of which is Truman Hanks.

Truman Theodore Hanks

He is second children with Rita Hanks, the first one is Chester Hanks. Earlier, Tom had a daughter and a son from his previous wife. Elizabeth Ann Hanks and Colin Hanks are two children he had with his first wife. So Elizabeth is Truman’s biological sister while Colin remains his biological elder brother.

The age difference between Tom Hank’s first son Colin Hanks and his last one, Truman Theodore Hanks is huge. They have a difference of almost 18 years. Son Colin Hanks was born in 1977 while Theodore was born 18 years later in 1995.

He has been spotted watching Los Angeles Kings against New York Rangers hockey match with his father in the New York cheering for the away team. This means Truman supports Los Angeles Kings, his home town town.

Truman Theodore Hanks Siblings

Colin Hanks : When it comes about Truman’s Sibling, Colin hanks tops the list as he is the eldest one in the family. Colin was born in 1977, a year before Tom was married for the first time with Samantha Lewes. Colin was born on November 24, 1977, while his parents were married in 1978, almost a year after his birth. People also rise up the controversies that the couple were forced to marry after the birth of Colin. He was born as Colin Lewes Dillingham, but later his name was changed to Hanks after his parents got married.

Colin hanks

The eldest children of Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks who is Truman Theodore Hanks’ eldest brother.

His mother Samantha Lewes was also an American actress who died on March 12, 2002 of bone cancer. The marriage between his parents lasted for 9 years.

Colin Hanks followed his father’s footstep and has acted in several movies, including 2002 Orange County and the 2010 Fox TV series The Good Guys. He has also appeared in several television series including Roswell, Dexter, Band of brothers and some more.

He was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Although he had several spells in different universities, transferring from one to the another, he left out without earning a degree. He married New York publicist Samantha Bryant, a name similar to his mother on May 8, 2010. The even took place in New York almost after 8 years of his mother’s demise. He has two children with his spouse, Olivia Jane Hanks, who was born in 2011 and his youngest children Charlotte Bryant Hanks, who was born two years later.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks : Elizabeth Ann Hanks was born on May 17, 1982 to Tom Hanks and his first spouse Samantha Lewes. She is the only daughter out of four children from Tom Hanks, second one from his first marriage and second children in the family. She was born on California, New york in the United States of America.

Elizabeth is a writer who prefers to stay in a low-key stroll away from her father’s fame, however has a smooth relationship with her father. She is former is the former associate news editor at the Huffington Post and is currently Children’s Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books. She is found as E.A Hanks in the Huffington Post archives

Beside writing, she has also featured in couple of Hollywoood movies, thanks to her celebrity father. She has minor roles in movies like Forrest Gump, That Thing you do, etc. You might have noticed a scene in Forrest Hump where a young Tom Hanks is denied a set in the bus by a girl. The girl is none other than his own real life daughter Elizabeth. She was 12 years when she appeared in that minor role in famous movie Forrest Gump.

Chet Hanks : Chet Hanks, or Chester Hanks in Tom Hank’s third children, second son and the first one with his second wife Rita. He was born on August 4, 1990, five years ahead of Truman Theodore Hanks. He has been involved in different controversies, one of which ended sueing his parents Tom Hanks and Rita.

He has been open and controversial about his father as he believes his father’s time at Hollywood has ended and outdated. Chester Hanks is a rapper who has admitted his struggle with drug addiction. Both Tom Hanks and mother Rita is well aware about his son’s addiction and are supportive about his decision to struggle with his habit, to keep himself clean.

He has appeared in different movies including Fantastic four and Project X. The detail information about his cinematography could be seen on his imdb page.

Truman Hanks’ other Relationship

GrandParents : Amos Mefford Hanks, Janet Marylyn Frager, Allan Wilson and Dorothy Wilson.

Uncles :Jim Hanks, Larry Hanks and Chris Wilson

Nieces : Olivia Jane Hanks and Charlotte Bryant Hanks. Both his Nieces are from his first biologicl brother Colin Hanks who married in 2010 and had two children in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

His Uncle Jim Hanks is also an American actor who plays minor roles in different movies and often does voice over for his brother Tom Hanks. He is the youngest children out of four from Tom Hanks’ parents. Jim Hanks was also used as Tom’s body double in the famous movie Forest Gump.

Uncle Larry Hanks is an entomology professor at the University of Illinois. He is the eldest brother of his father. Meanwhile his uncle Chris Wilson is from his mother Rita Wilson.

Sandra Hanks is his aunt who is the eldest children in the family. She is a blogger who has travelled and settled in different places and now settled in Seychelles where she has her own house to live on. She has moved to different cities in America, moved to England after marriage before she finally settled in Seychelles.

Some Facts about Tom Hanks, his Father

Truman’s father Tom Hanks is a famous Hollywood actor and has been widely known for his roles in popular movies like Forrest Gump, Cast away and some more. He was the second actor to have won second consecutive award for best actor award in Oscars. He was born in Concord, California to a hospital worker father and a cook mother. He was the third children in the house out of four total. The eldest one is sister Sandra, second is Truman’s uncle Larry Hanks and the youngest one after him is Uncle Jim Hanks who usually does Tom’s voice over in movies.

Tom Hanks is a great supporter of NASA’s program, as earlier on his life he wanted to become an astronaut, but failed. He could later fulfill his real life dream in theaters playing in different movies as an astronaut.

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